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Art has been a part of my life since I was 5 year old. At a friend's birthday party, games were in full swing. Lucky dip allowed us to pick a gift from a table when we won a round. I chose the set of 24 colour pencils. At age 6, my girlfriend gave me a set of 64 wax crayons. Drawing and model building became my staple pass time.


As a young teenager in school I drew all the time and was accepted into tertiary education three years prior to finishing school based on my sketchbooks. William Vos, my High School art teacher introduced me to abstract art and I was hooked. 


I went on to complete a three year Fine Art Diploma. In my final year I won best painting and best sculpture of the year. I also caused a scandal when one of my lecturers bought one of my best sculptural pieces.


Living in a little fishing village with friends and painting full time for a while really captured my playful soul. Then back packing through Europe and the Middle East for18 months exploring art and archeology broadened my art horizons even more with the multitude of diverse cultural experiences.

While traveling, I was inspired to study Horticulture and Landscape design. I worked as a landscaper and artist for a number of years, before joining the Hout Street Gallery, in Paarl where I painted commissions and sold many works to international collectors.

Living in Adelaide with my beautiful family now, I have come to appreciate the impact of portraiture. Sketching or painting a beloved pet or special person for someone to treasure and enjoy gives me great pleasure. Breathing colour and life into a cherished pet or person and capturing their true emotion and personality is what I strive for with my portraits. 

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