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Creating objects of art is a natural extension of my life. Objects emerge to appear like figures exiting a mist. Light is the carrier of volume and shape, antagonistically sparring with shadows in a dichotomous onslaught, battling away, always is some kind of ghastly balance, or imbalance. Elastic contractions of creation.


From a very early age I found solace in my urge to express through tactile means, expressions of my emotional responses, to a fleeting moments or scenes with which i interacted. A veil would envelope me in these moments or sustained duration's, that felt like sparks in time. These intertwining connections on a supernatural level would unfold, and the surges of creation would burst forth into the object, a great warmth would signal completion.


My qualifications and experience include a Fine Art Diploma, In-completed Diploma in Landscape Design and Horticulture, Advanced Diploma in Visual Effect and Film, Multimedia, 2D and 3D Drafting Software Training, Experience in Hydraulic Building Services Engineering, Architectural Visualization and Electronics

Have traveled many parts of the world with backpack, sketching and writing.

Living in Adelaide, South Australia, my focus has moved to portraiture, landscapes and abstract assemblages - "Fragments of Existence".

Hope to Chat and meet you soon

Kind regards


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